Senior Infants




Happy St Patrick's Day to one and all !


What great little thespians we are especially on the night of our Wizard of Oz production.  Just a sample of the many photos, I'm sure that were taken on the big night.


We celebrated Art Week by making beautiful art pieces at home with our family and displaying them in school.  During the week we studied an Irish artist called Paul Henry.   Ms Heslin was kind enough to lend us two beautiful prints of his work to display in our classroom.  We then made chalk pictures in the style of Paul Henry.  Iggy's Mum Áine(a fashion designer)  kindly spent the morning helping us to design and make fabric chair covers, we had great fun.  Later in the week we made lollipop stick rafts, winter trees and snowmen with tissuse and fabric.


We had great fun collecting artefacts from long ago, our parents and grandparents helped us greatly.   We gathered pictures of fashion, toys, household items and vehicles of long ago and stuck them on card to finish our history project.


We had great fun creating our own comic strips.  Once we printed them all out we then wrote the story for everyone to read. 


Christmas preparation time is great fun in Senior Infants.  We decorated our classroom beautifully with a crib, decorations, a little Christmas tree where we put on lanterns we had made.  Our Christmas art competitions pictures were lovely.  We made wreaths, plum puddings and glitter angels as well as candle and stained glass Christmas pictures.  Christmas means a lot to us, so we wrote a page each about it and covered them with copies of our own designed Christmas cards.


For History we learned about Pable Picasso and saw many of his works.  We tried to draw some faces in his style.


Before we wrote a full story, we prepared by planning the setting, characters, problem and ending in picture form first.  Then we copied a simple form of the story.  Thirdly, we filled in missing words of the story.  Finally, we wrote the story in our own words and made a nice cover for it.


We had lots of fun during Science Week with new and interesting experiments including Gravity, Inertia, Float and Sink, Wax Resist and how plants drink.  We also investigated the strength of an egg shell and how to turn a liquid into a solid.  We studied how germs transfer from one to another. 

2016-11-16 12.52.49.jpg

Fifth Form showed us how to make dry ice today. We loved seeing the bigger boys doing their experiment!