On Wednesday May 17th our Infant classes took part in their sportsday. This is a great day where all the boys are encouraged to have fun while being cheered on by their parents. Congratulations to all the boys on taking part and thank you to Ms Doyle our sports teacher on organising another brilliant day.


Our Sports Day was so much fun! We had races. We were running really fast.


We have been learning about the sea animals and the ocean. Today we were discovering how water beads feel like. We were pretending that the beads are the ocean.We found crabs, shells and fish in it. We used pinchers to catch the crabs and a funnel.


We learnt about a painter called Monet who lived in Paris. We looked at his picture called The Japanese Foot Bridge. We were painting our version of this picture. We had so much. We are great painters.


We are practising our numbers while parking our cars to the right parking spot. We were playing the game in pairs. 


We have been exploring different textures. In our cold jelly we found seashells and fish!


We were so lucky! The Easter Bunny has left chocolate for us! We were collecting them in our basket. They were all hidden behind trees and in bushes and in the grass.


We were practicing how to balance the egg on the spoon. Some of us dropped the egg some of us didnt. We had great fun balancing and racing.


We used cotton buds to paint our Spring Trees. We were taking our time to mkae sure that are lots and lots of buds on the tree. We used white and pink paint.


We had great fun practising our pre-writing skills on a chalkboard.