Under the green rice were lots of treasure hiding. We had to use our scoops and spoons to find them. We found gold,shamrocks, leprechauns and rainbows. Through the funnel we were pouring the rice. Some of us used magnifying glasses to have a closer look. What an adventure!


We are so good at recognising numbers. The numbers were hiding on the shamrocks. We were matching the right amount of buttons to the shamrock. It was so much fun. 



We discovered a new continent called Asia. We did a chopstick pickup activity. It was a bit tricky but we did it. Some people grow rice in Asia so we did an experiment to see if we could colour the rice. We added food colouring to rice and gave it a big shake. We made very colourful rice to use in our sensory play. 


We took part in Art week. We learned about Jackson Pollock and Picasso. We made the painting ‘Summertime’ by Pollock and made Picasso's ‘Flowers’ by using recyclable materials. We did blow painting, where we used straws to blow paint around the page. That was fun. We had a visit from Belen, who thought us how to colour to music. 


We have been learning all about Africa in preschool. We investigated some animals that live there and found out lots of interesting facts about the continent. We made some African inspired jewellery for our Mums using pasta and string.  We made an African safari during art time. Look at our giraffes, lions and flamingos.  


We have been learning all about the Solar system. We made fun art and even space hats. We all helped to make our giant space station and 5th form helped us build our rockets. We learned all about the different planets and each of us had our favourite one. 


We have been doing lots of fine motor activities to strengthen our fingers and to help our concentration. We love doing these tricky activities. 


We are learning all about space. We went to visit Ms. Larkin and the boys in 5.2 to make rockets. The boys showed us a rocket experiment with a balloon, string and a straw. We then got a chance to make our own rockets and fly them with help from all the boys in 5.2. We had lots of fun. 

2017-01-16 12.40.37 - Copy.jpg

Today we were invited by Ms Doyle to join the junior infants in their PE activity. We learnt a dance routine with junior infants for ‘ABC,123’. We had so much fun. We got to play fun throwing games too.