Lá Glas


To celebrate St. Patrick's Day all the boys in the school dressed in green today. Each class also prepared a song and poem as gaeilge. 




 Bronntar an trofaí don té a dhéanann an iarracht is fearr an teanga a labhairt. Comhgairdeachas duit!

Mata: Bileog chuig lth 22

Béarla: Clauses pg 48/49

OSIE: An Ghréig (lánfhreagraí) C. 1 a - f

Gaeilge: lth 41 Críochnaigh na ceisteanna 1 - 10 agus Ceacht B

Bríste gairid Naomh Mhicíl




Project: Due on Friday May 26th. The project can be completed on Powerpoint or on paper. 

Topic: Animals; An invention; A city; A civilisation

Obair Bhaile            23/05/17

Spellings: Revise Test copy spellings     

Project-Due Monday!

School Trip: €10

Journal must be signed each night!








English:Old wives` tales!Pg 76-Exercise 9 and 10.(copy)



Comórtas Snámha:Ceisteanna Breise

Ceol:Le mo Thaobh-Véarsa 1.







Wednesday 23/5/17


Maths Sheet

Read at Home pg 119 read aloud with parents 

Grammar Book pg62 Mon Spellings: Top + Middle Section

Green Genie pg 62  all of it!

Do Something nice for someone this evening!







Since 2012, St. Michael's College Junior School has offered a Rang Lan Ghaeilge in the Sixth Class. This provision allows boys to learn all subjects (apart from English) through Irish. In addition to the cultural benefits, as 50% of the Leaving Cert Irish exam will be based on oral and aural work, it is advantageous for pupils to avail of this opportunity before Secondary School. Increasing fluency in a second language also greatly enhances the study of a third language at second level and beyond.

School Tour :  No school books required on Thursday.  Please ensure each boys brings one bag with the following -

-   Swimming gear

 -  Plastic bag for wet gear afterwards

-   A healthy lunch with 1 - 1.5 Litres of water

-   1 euro for lockers in swimming pool which will be returned afterwards. Maximum 10 euro per child.  

Gaeilge : Revise Abair ,  Beir agus Bí

English :  SB Wk 32 & 33, MRAH


Over the past few weeks we have been taking part in our whole school Marathon Mission and on Friday we ran our final lap. We were lucky enough to be visited by Eamon Coughlan for the occasion and he presented a trophy to the boy who best represented what the Marathon Mission is all about. We were blessed with the weather and had a great day!