Lá Glas


To celebrate St. Patrick's Day all the boys in the school dressed in green today. Each class also prepared a song and poem as gaeilge. 




 Bronntar an trofaí don té a dhéanann an iarracht is fearr an teanga a labhairt. Comhgairdeachas duit!

Gaeilge: Críochnaigh scéal agus lth 28 C. 1- 5

Mata: Críochnaigh lth 50

Béarla: RAH pgs 60- 61 and Reading Comp. To Be Sold By Auction

OSIE: Gunpowder Plot



Spellbound page 55 ex 6

Ceartlitriu page 65

Read at Home Wk 26 Day 4

Table Toppers page 56 Day 4


Maths Test on Friday 31st March: Capacity, Weight, Length and Multiplication




Obair Bhaile            30/03/17  

Spellings: Spellbound p.54 Week 26     

Maths:  A quick look back 3 Sheet (1-20)& Finish Master Your Maths p.57

Writing:  Spellbound p.54 Exer 3,4&5

Read: Read at Home p.84

Reading: Wizard of Oz Chapter 16

Scríobh: C.Litriú lth 62(E,F&G)

Litriú: C.Litriú lth 61

Journal must be signed each night!

Gaeilge:Frásai le Foghlaim-Lth 80-Cian i bhFeighil an Tí

Scríobh na frásaí nua sa chóipleabhar.

Hide Away Sam:Write a follow on to last nights story using the words from Exercise 5 of the Poem.

Mata:Bileog-Achar Triantáin.





Thursday 30/03/17

Maths Sheet,Revise +3,+4,+5 tables

C-litriú pg 66 Learn Oráiste Spellings+ pg 68 Parts E,F,G

Read at Home pg 99 read aloud with parents 

Grammar Book pg 50 Revise spellings+ pg51

Religion: Write your story about Jesus, Needs to be finished by Monday!






Since 2012, St. Michael's College Junior School has offered a Rang Lan Ghaeilge in the Sixth Class. This provision allows boys to learn all subjects (apart from English) through Irish. In addition to the cultural benefits, as 50% of the Leaving Cert Irish exam will be based on oral and aural work, it is advantageous for pupils to avail of this opportunity before Secondary School. Increasing fluency in a second language also greatly enhances the study of a third language at second level and beyond.


Our newly crowned JCT champions visited us today. We were all thrilled to have them in our classroom.