First Form






Reading: The Owl p3+4

Spellings: p52

TFFAB: p 36

Math: FIO p 59 ex C

Tables: + 9 (9+5) 

Library book

Rugby blitz 4.JPG

First and Second Form took part in our Annual Rugby Blitz on the 25th of March. The boys all played superbly and had a great day!


We really enjoyed performing our musical play 'Jonah and the Whale' for our friends and family. We loved being on stage and are sorry it is all over now!

Peg It and Leg It.jpg

Rehearsals are well under way for our class play 'Jonah and the Whale'. Meet our two runaway pirate crooks, Peg it and Leg it! 


First Form were extremely lucky during art week to have a most informative visit from Rudolph Heltzel jeweller and goldsmith. He showed the boys some crystals and gold and silver bars. We examined some precious gemstones and learned all about the work of a goldsmith. Thank you so much to Ms. Crowe and Mrs, Matson for organising this art week visit for us. 

Art Week (1).jpg

Art Week got off to a great start in First Form with some printing and painting. The boys are enjoying working as artists and creating their own masterpieces!


We celebrated Catholic Schools Week with a wonderful visit from many Grandparents. The boys really enjoyed having their Grandparents in to visit them in their classroom, and they shared many stories with us about school life long ago. We had a lovely prayer service, sang some songs, and the students presented their Grandparents with thank you cards. We really appreciate the effort the Grandparents made to join us in school. Happy Grandparents Day from all the boys in First Form!

Electricity Mindmaps

First Form were straight back to work this week investigating electricity sources and uses. The boys worked hard in their groups to create mind maps based on the topic. Well Done! 


The Boys completed their Jingle Bells Fun Run today. They had a fantastic time and thank you to Ms. Doyle for all her hard work in organising it!


The boys in First Form are busy preparing for Christmas. They are taking part in lots of festive activities each day. We hope you like the reindeer we made to decorate the classroom!