Fifth Form 1



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Engineers Week was on March 4th - 10th March.  Please click on the following to view the highlights of our week  In February, the boys were tasked with creating their own inventions to present during Engineers Week and they produced some superb examples of engineering.   Both Fifth Forms also went on a field trip to the CAW (Celtic Anglican Water) Waste Water Treatment Plant, a special event organsied by Engineering to Ireland's largest waste water treatment works.


To celebrate St. Patrick's Day all the boys in the school dressed in green today. Each class also prepared a song and poem as gaeilge. 


Pancake Tuesday was a day to remember this year ! Andrea's Mum ensured we all had a super treat with our pancakes before we start the Lenten period.  We enjoyed freshly squeezed lemon and sugar on our pancakes. 


This week we celebrated Art Week throughout the Junior School.  Each class was tasked with creating a display representing their own Art work.  Each pupil was given the option to choose a project of their choice encompassing any one or a combination of the Art Strands : Drawing, Paint & Colour, Print, Clay, Fabric & Fibre and Construction. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and produced some fantastic art.  We are very proud of all their hard work.  Thanks to Ms. Crowe for all of her hard work in coordinating this initiative.  


All the boys in the junior school took part in the Operation Transformation "10 At 10" nationwide initiative involving all primary and junior schools in Ireland.  The boys from each class performed their individual reportoire's in class sequence culminating in a whole school dance performance ably led by Ms. Doyle, the star choreography director ! Each class gave impressive performances and displayed the routines which they had been rehearsing during PE classesin recent weeks.  We wish to say a big thank you to Ms. Doyle for all of her hard work with this initiative.


The boys in both Fifth Form classes were very fortunate to have Mrs. Leahy take them for an art lesson on Pop Art.  The boys were introduced to Pop Art on Monday and tasked with designing Andy Warhol style soup cans of their own.  They learned that nowadays Pop Art is most associated with the work of New York artists of the early 1960s such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, and Claes Oldenburg.  On Friday both classes completed the design of their unique Pop Art soup cans and painted them.  


Each class is busy putting the finishing touches to their art displays for Art Week.  In preparation for Art Week, the class was split into groups and tasked with completing their own crepe paper picture.  All of the boys have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and produced some amazing pictures to inspire budding artists as part of Art Week.  Each boy then turned their attention to producing their own individual art feature for display during Art Week.


The highlight of our Catholic Schools Week was Grandparents' Day.  We were delighted to welcome so many of the boys' Grandparents into our classroom.  The boys really enjoyed having their Grandparents in to visit they shared many stories with us about school life long ago. We started the day with a prayer service to mark the occasion and afterwards we sang songs and read out our poems for our Grandparents.


The boys had fun working on their dictionary skills during the class challenge.