Third Form 1 News


To celebrate St. Patrick's Day all the boys in the school dressed in green today. Each class also prepared a song and poem as gaeilge. 

play 2.jpg

Well done to the boys of 3.1 and 3.2 for their performance of Christopher Columbus.


The boys greatly enjoyed grandparents day. They shared their favourite memories and talked about their family tree. Many thanks to the grandparents. They made it such a special day for the boys.

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We had a our Jingle Bell run this week. The boys had great fun. Well done boys! Merry Christmas everyone!


The author Jackie Burke visited St. Michael's on Monday, November 21st. Many of you might be very familiar with Jackie's very successful series of books Grindlewood. The boys in Third and Fourth Form were delighted to be able to hear the author read passages from her novels and to also be able to ask questions about the writing process and what it is like to be a writer. Thank you very much Jackie for coming to see us!

Science Fair 4.jpg

The boys from Third Form held a Science Fair today. They had some many interesting experiments to show and explain. Well done boys!


After a very interesting talk with Mrs. Kelly about nursing and medicine, the boys participated in Show and Tell. They presented their favourite science experiments to the class. Some of the boys brought in medical equipment - stethoscopes and a blood pressure monitor. Here are just some of the experiments that the boys demonstrated and talked about. 

Sticks and Stones 1.jpg

The boys have learned so much this term about the importance of kindness and friendship. Thanks to Sticks and Stones for their fun and educational workshops!


What a great start to Science Week! Mr. Loughrey taught the boys about the importance of science and engineering in our everyday lives. The boys got to share some interesting information about their favourite engineers and even participated in a competition to build the tallest structure (using newspaper and sellotape)! Thanks again to Mr. Loughrey for this wonderful talk!

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Boys from 3.1 and 3.2 travelled by DART to the Little Museum of Dublin for an exciting tour about the cultural heritage and history of Dublin. Afterwards, they had lunch in St. Stephen's Green. Well done boys on a great trip!