Fourth Form 2 News


To celebrate St. Patrick's Day all the boys in the school dressed in green today. Each class also prepared a song and poem as gaeilge. 

Friday 9th: Maths, English

Monday 12th: Irish

Tuesday 13th: SESE


Place Value




Lines and Angles




Hardback phrases



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In art class this week we painted silhouettes of trees with an autumn setting.


One of the boys in Fourth Form recently met his rugby hero, Johnny Sexton. Johnny very kindly autographed David's rugby boots.


There is a lot of excitment building in St. Michael's Junior School. All the work that was carried out over the Summer months is now nearly finished. The school's new sports facilities are almost ready to be used by all the boys. The boys have already been enjoying the larger new school yards and new playing surface in the sports hall. The new 4G Astroturf pitch and running track will be online over the next couple of weeks. Everyone in the school can't wait!


In art class today we created Starburst pictures. We drew these using our rulers and then we followed a pattern to colour them in.


This year there is one Fourth Form class in St. Michaels. We are very happy to welcome three new boys. A big hello to Cormac Lowe, John Perkins and Oliver Crowley. All the boys had great summer holidays but are now glad to be back in school with their friends. In the photos here the class are working on designing their own islands.

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Last week the boys in Fourth Form were learning all about space. We learned about life on the International Space Station. Commander Chris Hadfield explained to us how difficult it can be to do simple activities. Even crying in space is totally different because the tears wont drop down your face. 

The boys had to design two space ships using only a piece of paper and tape. We then did an experiment to see whose design could travel the furthest. The ships had to first be thrown and then propelled using a straw and just your breath.


It is Engineering Week in St. Michaels. The theme of the week has been "Vehicles from the Future". All the boys in 4.2 made their own models. I wonder how many of these will we see in the future?


In English class today we made a biography booklet on one of the famous Irish people from the 1916 Rising. First we had to research information on the person using our laptops. Then we used this information to make the biography booklet. We worked in pairs and when we were finished everyone reported back to the class.