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Maths Test on Friday 31st March: Capacity, Weight, Length and Multiplication





Our newly crowned JCT champions visited us today. We were all thrilled to have them in our classroom.


To celebrate St. Patrick's Day all the boys in the school dressed in green today. Each class also prepared a song and poem as gaeilge. 


The boys in Fourth form are very excited because for the next 4 weeks they have a new teacher, Mr. Bourke, assisting Mr. Ruane. In this lesson the boys are learning all about predicting while they are reading their classroom novel 'War Horse'.


Fourth Form would like to thank Elizabeth Kirby for visiting us, and giving us a brilliant presentation on design and construction. We especially liked where we were able to design our own buildings using marshmallows!!


It is Art Week in St. Michael's Junior School. The boys had to create a piece of art from using either paint, clay, fabric, drawing or construction. They could create anythingthat they liked. We then displayed our art in the hallway. 


We had our picture taken at the Scientist Fair with the Minister of Education, Simon Harris. We were delighted to see that the picture made it into the local paper, News Four.


This week is Catholic Schools Week. All the boys in Fourth Form were invited to mass in Our Lady Queen of Peace Church on Merrion Road. After mass the boys were brought into the sacristy and Rev James showed them how he prepares for mass. 


We were learning all about the Vikings in January. It is a very interesting subject in Irish history and we were fascinated to learn that Dublin was founded by the Vikings.


On Friday 13th January Fourth Form took part in the RDS Primary Science Fair. The experiment that the boys displayed was titled "How Dirty Are Our Hands?". The class began preparing for the Science Fair in November when we carriedout the initial experiment in class to see the level of germs and bacteria on our hands with and without hand sanitiser. Over the next month the boys dilligently studied the results of their initial investigations. We concluded from our results that we should have hand sanitiser in all the classrooms in our school, and also in our hallways.